Saturday, July 15, 2006

Latest Updates: Sudan Hebrew Program

Friday Update from Gary F.:

Megan has malaria but the "cure" is to take more of the preventive that she has with her. It's working. The incubation period for malaria is up to a year so who knows when she got bit by an infected mosquito. Incidentally, in Sudan getting Malaria is like getting the flu in the U.S. so the Dr's are very good - some of the best in the world.

Both Elizabeth & Megan took the boat trip on the White Nile this PM. The boat would not meet U.S. Coast Guard safety standards, there were no lifejackets, and the river was full of crocodiles (that's why they don't carry lifejackets). Nonetheless, a great time was had by all. Unfortunately, the parasail didn't arrive so they could only water ski and take pictures.

E&M leave for Khartoum in about 9 hours. Sunday is for rest, shopping, church, medical visit for Megan, etc. Elizabeth departs early Monday for London and then on to D.C. She is scheduled to arrive around 8:00 PM. She reports having a great time and was very sad (cried as usual) to say goodbye to the students and staff at the Bible College (but not the insects).

Friday Update from Jo W.:

Lauren Stanley has already been in touch with Megan and Elizabeth this morning. The Malarone is working and Megan's fever is receding: she isbeginning to feel a whole lot better. And much of the anxiety is lifted.Hooray!As planned, both Megan and Elizabeth are heading to Khartoum tomorrowwith Fr Joseph and look forward to that. It sounded like their joyexceeds the sorrows again: Elizabeth spoke of this as the bestexperience of her life.

Saturday update from Gary F.:

They made it safely to Khartoum although there were some dicey moments on the formerly dirt (now mud) portion of the road out of Renk. The primary risk was getting stuck in mud pit. Elizabeth stayed awake for most of the drive north and saw the wild (we think) camels. It's hard to tell the wild animals from the domesticated ones since they all just wander around wherever they want to go. However, this spot was really isolated so the consensus opinion is that they were wild camels.

E&M were resting and enjoying hotel life when I called (indoor plumbing, electricity, & A/C - sort of). Megan seems pretty good. They're taking her to another Dr. tomorrow. Assuming that goes well, the plan is to go to a museum, visit Joseph's wife in the hospital (I think), and do some shopping at Nordstrom's. Elizabeth's flight is at 6:50 AM local time on Monday.

This will probably be my last report. I hope you've enjoyed them. Elizabeth will be able to update everyone on Monday or Tuesday since our computer support person is also expected to be back by then. Gary


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