Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Final Updte from SBL: Tuesday, Nov 21st

I really enjoyed the final session of SBL this morning. It was a hard slot, what with everyone having one foot out the door, but the panel was really interesting and my paper went real well and generated a lot of animated discussion. A whole lot of fascinating topics got raised in the 9:00-11:30 am session. Some of the more interesting discussion for me centered on whether or not we can pin down the Aaronide priestood and the Zadokite priesthood. Some of the other papers were rather skeptical about whether either of these priestly houses had much of a venerable pedigree. And it seemed like Joseph Blenkinsopp was even trying to revive the worn-out old theory that the Aaronides stem from the priesthood at Bethel. As I listened to the others, I felt glad that my paper had some good suggestions about where to find the Aaronides and Zadokites among PT, Isa 40-66, HS, and Ezekiel. Just wish there was more time for general discussion at the end of the session. Nevertheless, I think everyone left with plenty to think about, and looking forward to the proceedings appearing in print with T & T Clark in the not too distant future.

Thanks for joining me in these blogs from SBL 2006. My next posts will be from back home in good old Virginia...


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