Saturday, December 16, 2006

Neat Link: Walther Eichrodt

The BibleWiki dictionary over at Dr. Kevin Wilson's BlueCord site continues to grow with a new entry on Walther Eichrodt, a key OT scholar of the last century, just added by Scott Callaham. Eichrodt is best known for his Theology of the Old Testament, in which he used the Sinai Covenant as an organizing center. The idea that the OT, with all of its irreducible diversity and wonderful dialectics, could have such a center is now widely doubted. Nevertheless, I perceive that scholars are gradually realizing that Eichrodt was right to see the covenant as really important for understanding the Bible. Israel's covenantal faith is deeply rooted in its past, and this faith rose to a dominating position as our Scriptures emerged. To read the new entry on Eichrodt, click here.


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