Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cows, Shrines, Graves, and Kitchens

If you are in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC area, you are invited to come to a one-day presentation I'm giving on Friday, March 2nd, entitled, "Cows, Shrines, Graves, and Kitchens: A Virtual Encounter with Biblical Life." "Fridays at the Seminary" are continuing education events under the leadership of VTS seminary and staff. They typically begin at 9am and end by 3pm. Lunch is included. The cost is only $40.

To download the brochure for the day that VTS has put together, click here (PDF file).

Here is the presentation description:
Come experience a virtual encounter with the biblical world. Using the latest computer technology and multimedia resources, we will travel back through time and space to experience everyday life in ancient Israel. To make the journey as authentic as possible, we shall draw directly on the Hebrew Scriptures and on the latest social-scientific and archaeological findings about Israelite culture in the Iron Age. We will begin to feel a little more at home in the strange and distant world of the Bible as we probe how our ancestors in the faith lived and farmed, cooked and ate, worshipped and served God, and died and were gathered to their people in the Hereafter. Dramamine is optional.


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