Friday, February 02, 2007

New Picture!!!

We have a new picture of our daughter! A connection was made, and through an act of grace we have more information on how well she is doing. More than every, Catherine & I cannot wait to travel to China to meet her and to bring her home to us!

From the picture, you can tell she is not doing bad at all in the SWI! She has real baby toys to play with and a real nanny giving her special attention in the "First Hugs" program. Fu Xuan is clearly drawn to music! If music comes on as she is playing with toys, she’ll put down the toys and swing to the beat!

As of November, she heavily into tasting everything, tasting the world: she bites everything she grabs, no matter if it’s the pacifier or her nanny's hand. When her nanny says “ouch” in response to her bite, she feels triumphant!

Fu Xuan also knows about cause and effect. She can communicate with her nanny to take her to the light switch, and once there, she loves to turn the lights on and off over and over again.

It is also wonderful to hear that she knows her caretakers and is wary of strangers. It is a sign of healthy attachment that she’ll cry when she sees strangers.


Blogger PamBG said...

Beautiful. :-)

I hope you get the opportunity to bring her home soon.

Fri Feb 02, 09:15:00 AM GMT-5  

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