Tuesday, February 06, 2007

U2: An Alternative Vision

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One of the most powerful tools in the prophets' tool-kit was the alternative vision of reality. In the face of the wreckage of sin all around them, some of the prophets were inspired to lay before their audience a poetic landscape where present wrongs were set right and people participated in truly human mutuality. Such visionary landscapes are "utopian" in the best, constructive sense. Far from wild fantasies, they connect up with the real world and suggest concrete ways we all could live better and experience more joy.

In this video (click here) U2 and Geen Day have done something genuinely prophetic. They present an alternative vision in connection with the Iraq War and the Katrina devestation in New Orleans. The video is utopian, the news clips it shows did not happen. However, the clips are close enough to reality that you just might be tricked into believing that they are real. They might even bring a few tears to your eyes, as they prompt you to imagine a very different reality than the one we actually experienced in the wake of Katrina.

Hat Tip to the "Our Journey" blog, where you can find further discussion (click here).



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