Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Weekend Meditation

My former student and advisee, Melissa Roberts, has sent around this devotional poem that she has just composed:

“It is finished”

The tomb awaits, the darkness aches, the world berates- “It’s finished.”

Pain throbs and shakes, sobs, flees, and waits, and through it quakes, “it’s finished.”

Windy roads, tear soaked,
Stories, miracles, the laughs, the boats

Fish shared, mercy spared, now, now, now who’s there?

Where are they, my beloved- who jeered and tied my ropes?

Rejection, rejection, rejection, death nears. He’s aware.
My beloved, my people, I have to believe they care.

Yet death beckons, he can’t say no.

“I’m human, I’m human. It’s finished.”

Son of God, Light of Life, can no longer cope.

Cross tied, exhausted sigh, closed eyes.

It’s finished. It’s finished. It’s finished.


An end.

A hope.

Blessings to you as you journey with Jesus and wait in that space of death and not knowing this Good Friday.


Good Friday

Photo: Hordes celebrated Good Friday at a coal mine in Germany this weekend. (Photo from MSNBC.)


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