Friday, June 30, 2006

Team-Sudan Arrives Successfully in Renk

Latest Update from Ellen Davis:
I just spoke to Fr. Joseph, and our travelers arrived safely and happily in Renk about midday today. Elizabeth and Megan are just now resting at the guest house by the Cathedral. They will stay there, as Fr. Joseph's wife is having a difficult first trimester of pregnancy [her first, with twins ---SLC], and he thought they would all be more comfortable this way. Someone from the church is staying with them, and Fr. Joseph will check in regularly. They havetheir own cell phone, but I don't yet have that number...

Also; The Latest Update from Gary F.:

OPS Normal - Renk as of 6:58 AM Eastern Daylight Savings
Time (EDST) 30 June.

A very long, but uneventful, drive to Renk. Hopefully, it will be a bit cooler than in Khartoum where the low temperature in the hotel room was 95 last night.

Elizabeth & Megan are staying in a secure compound in a small hut. If you've ever been to Colonial Williamsburg, the hut looks like the one "normal person's" house at the exhibit. (It's very easy to miss since they emphasize all the grand mansions at Williamsburg.) The food has been good and nobody is sick. Tired yes, sick no.

The Hebrew classes start next Monday, leaving the weekend to recover and get oriented. Elizabeth is going to preach on July 9th and those of you who haven't made it to any of her past sermons should probably feel guilty enough to take the trip (Rich?) Note: See earlier SITREPs for helpful Sudan travel tips. Elizabeth is really looking forward to preparing a sermon with almost none of her usual reference materials. The good news is that they're really into the old testament over there. :-)


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