Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Update on Travel to Renk, Sudan

Several emails in the past 24 hours have updated the progress of Elizabeth and Megan as they make their way to Renk, Sudan.

Megan met Elizabeth at Heathrow airport in London, where they waited several hours to board their flight. The flight seems to have made a stop in Turkey, and was due to arrive in Khartoum, Sudan (KHT) at 5:35 a.m.--about 10:30 pm Wednesday night our time (EST).

Once they get to Renk, they will be staying in the GuestHouse compound, across the street from the Renk Anglican Cathedral and a very shortwalk to the Renk Bible College. This is a slight change of plans necessitated by one of their prospective hosts, Roda, coming down with malaria. (Elizabeth has already been on anti-maleria pills for several days.) The compound will be staffed with security and a cook for them.

Gary Felicetti relates the following humorous incident in the Heathrow airport:
Elizabeth's first missionary adventure occurred at Heathrow where an elderly woman was seeking some sort of help -- but speaking in a hard-to-understand foreign language. The only word that could be made out was "bano" so Elizabeth tried to show the woman to the restroom. Unfortunately, she needed a wheelchair so Elizabeth, and eventually a few others, scoured the British Airways area for one. A wheelchair was located after an extensive search. The woman was loaded up and Elizabeth started wheeling her to the restroom. The woman objected strenuously since, as it turned out, she was looking to go to Albania instead of the bano. She did, however, appreciate the wheelchair which, presumably, she put to good use to find her flight to Albania.


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