Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10th Update: Sudan Hebrew Program

From Gary F.:

Elizabeth's sermon went well yesterday. There were about 100 people for the 9:00 AM service - which started at around 10:30. The men and women sit apart in Sudan but Elizabeth & Megan are treated as "honorary men" and get to hang with the leaders. After the service, a woman told Elizabeth (via an interpreter) that it was good to see a woman preaching and in a leadership role. Maybe it will stick eventually.

Incidentally, Sunday dinner was great -- goat, of course.

The rain has really lowered the temperature making it much more comfortable, at least by local standards. Elizabeth reports that it's amazing what a person can get used to.

The exam in the biblical Hebrew class is this Thursday so there is lots of review for the next couple of days. Elizabeth & Megan depart Renk at 2:00 AM on Saturday for another very long trip.


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