Monday, July 03, 2006

July 3rd Sudan Update

Latest Sudan Update from Gary F.:

Sunday was spent at church, visiting the Bible College, and getting to know people. As you might imagine, Elizabeth and Megan are quite the novelty. In fact, throngs of children follow them around whenever they walk around. (It's only about a block from where they're staying to the Bible College.)

Yesterday they also had a "security drill" to demonstrate the safety of the cathedral & guest house compound. The "drill" consisted of someone "pretending" to leave the keys for the locked gate inside the compound when all visited the Bible College. Afterward, it took several hours for someone (local) to find the necessary implements to get over the fence. The gate was quite secure and could not be forced!

Elizabeth reports that it is very hot and looks forward to cooling off in the pleasant August weather in the D.C. and Phoenix metro areas. It is easy to fall asleep (no electricity plus lots of Ambien) but difficult to stay asleep. Apparently, the neighborhood donkeys and chickens make quite the racket at night. Additionally, the local mosque appears to have a generator since the 4:00 AM call to morning prayer is quite loud.

Today was the first day of class and all went well. The major culture shock event was that it took several minutes to explain the mechanical pencils that Elizabeth & Megan brought for the students. The language barrier is a challenge but everyone is highly motivated and it seems to work - eventually.


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