Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Recent Brunch with John & Dorothy Gettier

A few postings ago, I mentioned that Catherine and I had been back at Trinity for a friend's wedding. The following day, we had Sunday brunch with my college mentor and teacher of Old Testament, Dr. John Gettier and his wife Dorothy. It was a wonderful occasion, at Apricots in Farmington, overlooking the Farmington River. I began studying Hebrew with John as a fresh-person at Trinity, and was soon taking more and more biblical-studies courses with him and the other Religion Department faculty. In those days, the department was modeled after a traditional theological seminary curriculum, without the practical ministry courses (John confirmed this to me at our brunch). What a great preparation for my future...


Blogger bonhoeffe said...

Glad to hear of your brunch with our former prof. We hope you two are well. From your Hebrew classmate, serving Catherine's former CE site. - Peter Smith

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