Sunday, August 27, 2006

Update on the End Times!

Update at a distance of one month: Newsweek's article on the end times from almost exactly one month ago remains the most blogged about of their online pieces, with 76 blogs currently discussing it. You'll remember that the column consisted of an interview by Brian Braiker of Tim LaHaye, one of the authors of the "Left Behind" series. It is entitled: "Are These the End Times?"

I'm sad to report that all this interest in LaHaye, which Newsweek has generated, does not seem to have produced a landslide of sales for my book, The Apocalyptic Literature, which actually offers a sane interpretation of these passages of the Bible. I think that I will have to leave now and go cry into my pillow...

There is an unconfirmed rumor in the blogosphere that LaHaye is secretly forging an additional lost gospel so as to add a 67th book to the scriptural canon. This will allow LaHaye to expand his Left Behind series by another twenty books or so, guaranteeing his multimillionaire status will only improve.


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