Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Online Critical Pseudepigrapha

click me for OCP

The SBL recently unveiled this free, neat Web Resource, the "Online Critical Pseudepigrapha" (click on the logo above, or here, to access). To read more about the resource in the SBL Forum, click here.

Essentially, the resource provides free, ready internet access to the following texts in their original languages. (I.e., the texts are untagged, without parallel translations, so your Greek needs to be pretty good to use this resource without other aids handy). In addition, some of texts already have an interactive critical apparatus associated with them.

Testament of Abraham; Life of Adam and Eve; Letter of Aristeas; Aristeas the Exegete; Aristobulus; Artapanus; 2 (Syriac Apocalypse of) Baruch; 3 (Greek Apocalypse of) Baruch; 4 Baruch (Paraleipomena Ieremiou); Cleodemus Malchus; Eldad and Modad; Eupolemus; Apocryphon of Ezekiel; Ezekiel the Tragedian; History of the Rechabites; Jubilees; Lives of the Prophets; 3 Maccabees; 4 Maccabees; Philo the Epic Poet; Pseudo-Eupolemus; Psalms of Solomon; Testament of Solomon; and Theodotus.


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