Monday, November 20, 2006

Update From SBL: Monday Afternoon

Good news. The audio recording from our conversation is up and posted at Chris Brady's Targuman blog (click here). It is definitely worth listening to at least a little of it. It's quite impressive how Chris got this posted so effortlessly. The five participants and their links are listed in the post.

I'm just back from the first of two sessions at the conference run by the Social-Scientific Studies of the Second Temple Period section. I wanted to attend today, because I'm giving a paper in tomorrow's session first thing in the morning. I have a strong feeling tomorrow's discussion will be much better than the one I just attended. It will focus on "Priesthoods in the Second Temple Period" and have a slew of speakers including Blenkinsopp, Cataldo, VanderKam, Grabbe, Chalcraft, Alice Hunt, and myself. The only problem will be that each speaker only has 15 minutes. That's going to be jam packed.

This morning I got to spend several hours in the book display. I purchased several bags worth of new books and ran into some old friends. I can't remember them all, but I do remember talking with Jenni Knust from Boston University, AKMA (see his posts from SBL here) from Seabury Western, and Melody Knowles from McCormick, and Stephen Chapman from Duke, and Fred Schmidt from Perkins School of Theology. Also saw a few of our students from VTS there, which was very nice.

More soon...


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