Saturday, November 04, 2006

We're Back from the Schori Investiture

My wife Catherine and I had tickets today to the Investiture of Katharine Jefferts Schori as the Episcopal Church's 26th Presiding Bishop, Primate, and Chief pastor. The event took place at the Washington National Cathedral. It was a rather historic occassion, Schori being the first woman primate in any Anglican province worldwide. We ended up with pretty good seats. Several bishops and deans were sitting in back of us, so we couldn't complain. Actually, we were right there by the locale where all the water pouring and the baptismal renewal "sprinkling" took place, which was also where Katharine stood to receive all the applause at the end of the service. At the beginning of the service we stood with two other VTS faculty members (Kate and Kathy) out at the front of the cathedral to watch the ceremony of the ritual knocking three times on the door. The people inside missed that and apparently so did folks watching the webcast (at least, that's what one friend told us on the phone just now). Well, for a more complete description and links to the program, etc., click here. Did others attend? Comments welcome.


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