Friday, March 30, 2007

The Gate at Tel Gezer (post 1)

I posted once before on the famous Iron Age city-gate at Tel Gezer. For the photo, links, and comments, click here. Recently, at a public presentation I did on life in biblical times, I showed some computer slides and video of the gate, so I thought I'd post some more images of it now at this juncture. The first image is a teaching-slide of the gate as it currently lies excavated.

The Gate at Gezer

And here next is an artist's rendition of what the gate may have looked like in real life, when it was more than just its foundations. For this angle of vision, you would be standing outside the city (i.e, in the far upper right of the photo of the excavations above, looking back into the gate from outside it).

Artist's Reconstruction

In a day or two, I hope to say a bit about the interior chambers of the gate complex. Please stay tuned... [update: click here]


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