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Obadiah Verse 1 (MCOMBB 1)

Obadiah verse 1

Obadiah verse 1
Major Commentaries on Minor Biblical Books - MCOMBB 1
by A.N. Onymous
Winged Bull Press, 2007
xvii + 483 pages, plus extensive charts and plates, English
List Price: $75.00
Your Price: $63.75

Description from Eisenbrauns:
For too long biblical scholars have poured all their attention into the major books of the Bible. We feel it is time to pay more attention to the shorter books of the biblical corpus. To further this end, we are introducing a major new commentary series, Major Studies on Minor Biblical Books. The introductory volume, available now, is the biblical book of Obadiah, verse 1. This 500 page volume, lavishly illustrated with extensive charts and full color plates, concentrates on the overlooked importance of verse 1 in the canonical process and its implications for the entire biblical corpus, indeed for all theological undertakings.

U. Will B. Bore, ed. for the series, expresses the purpose of the series very clearly, "We feel that in an age of inclusiveness and pluralism, it is only fair to examine the importance of these frequently overlooked biblical books. We are delighted that Eisenbrauns has agreed to publish this milestone in biblical studies."

We strongly encourage you to place a standing order, since this will be a must-have reference series. The current plan is to issue one volume per year, beginning with Obadiah. The next volume will examine Obadiah, verse 2 and will be available in page proofs at AAR/SBL in November. The current page count for volume two is 479 pages, and we anticipate each volume will be of similar length. Imagine being able to reach over to your bookshelf and have over 10.000 pages of commentary and background information on the book of Obadiah! It staggers the imagination. Now, multiply that times the other shorter books and pericopes of the biblical corpus.

Because of the massiveness of this project, after the initial few volumes on Obadiah, we will begin publishing multiple volumes on other books or pericopes each year. Our goal is to have one volume per month, each month on a different biblical book or pericope. We are currently soliciting authors for the Greek New Testament books of II John (13 verses), III John (14 verses), Jude (25 verses), and Philemon (25 verses).

For the Hebrew Bible, we are in need of authors for some of the overlooked pericopes of the book of Judges. Each of the minor Judges will receive at least one volume, with more planned for important judges, such as Jephtha. We anticipate each volume will cover one verse each and be at least 400 pages. Because of the lengthy undertaking involved, we prefer younger scholars, who are able to dedicate the next 15-50 years of their life to this milestone in biblical and theological understanding.



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