Monday, May 28, 2007

Note from Rebekah Ross

This is very sad news indeed. Dr. Jim Ross's daughter Rebekah Ross has just sent word that Jim died today in the hospital in Baltimore:
Thank you all for your prayers. My father, James F. Ross, passed away today. Two weeks ago he had open heart surgery to replace an extremely compromised heart valve. He was in good spirits and optimistic about the surgery, but unfortunately he simply wasn't strong enough to make it through. I do not yet know the date of his memorial service. If you want information about this, you may email me at He is survived by his wife, Joyce Gillard, and his three children, Deborah, Steve, and Rebekah (me).
My colleagues Dr. Bob Prichard and Dr. Marge McNaughton-Ayers were able to visit Jim on Friday. Jim was an esteemed and beloved professor of Old Testament here at the seminary, and I hope to post more information about him in the near future. ---SLC


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