Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Message From Deborah Re: Sunday, July 8th

The following phone message from Deborah, Phoebe's counterpart from Duke, was shared with us via email:

Deborah also preached this morning on the same text at a different location. She said that there were about 50 in attendance where she was preaching. I gather that more children were present for her service because afterward she told how all of the children were gathering around her and wanting to get their pictures taken with her. She felt like she was treated like royalty or a celebrity. Lots of people have also made comments about Deborah's whiteness - and she of course can not deny it! One thing that she hasn't received any comments on since she has been there however, is her height. In the US being a 6 foot tall woman often receives comments, but this is not true in Renk where people are much taller.

She also talked about their trip to the Nile - which she said was absolutely amazing. They were taken out on a small boat (motorized) and it seemed to be a huge highlight for her. [NB: photo of Nile above is courtesy Elizabeth F.]


Blogger Laura said...

Wow - what a sight! It's fun to get these "live" shots from all the way in Sudan!

Thu Jul 19, 05:42:00 AM GMT-5  

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