Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Renk, Sudan: July 2007

Renk Theological College, Sudan
My student Phoebe along with Duke student Deborah are safe in Renk teaching in our Biblical Language program. Phoebe has emailed to report that she is teaching the advanced Hebrew class and that her students are very smart. Most of what they have done thus far is review, but she hopes to begin covering new concepts later this week. The hospitality has been incredible - the Sudanese are very beautiful people.

Deborah reports that the rainy season has begun in Renk, so they have had very mild weather. Indeed, the weather is so cool that she recommends that the next group coming in a few weeks bring at least one long sleeve item.

Sitting in a grass hut with a cat, flies, mosquitoes, and a salamander as company, Phoebe and Deborah watched the News on Father Joseph's television. The experience was rather surreal, but made them realize that conditions are beginning to improve in Sudan. Father Joseph has a generator so the teachers currently have a couple of hours of electricity every evening which can be used to power the television, Father Joseph's laptop (which was given to him by Lauren) and charge cellular phones.

So far both Phoebe and Deborah are in very good health. With the exception of a mild headache, neither of them has experienced any illness at all. The cool temperatures are helping in this regard.

The teachers report that the faith of the Sudanese is remarkable. They have been through so much. Their stories often leave one speechless, but their trust in God is astonishing. I shall report futher updates in my next post. Meanwhile, please keep Phoebe and Deborah in your prayers.


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