Monday, July 23, 2007

The Success of the Renk Team

I am about to post on the arrival in Renk of our new teaching team, but before I do, here is a final word from Jackie Kraus on the success of the team that has just left:

After talking with Bishop Daniel only moments ago, ...a highlight he shared is the delight of the students on learning to "sing" the Greek alphabet. This has clearly been another very successful session. Thank you all so much for the various roles you've played in a most important development for the whole of the ECS.

Also, please pray for Bishop Daniel who reports that his nephew, Garang Malual Bul, son of his late brother, 27 years old, was attacked and killed in Kenya yesterday. Daniel has been supporting his education. He has asked for prayers to calm the anger felt by friends and family.
The attackers have been caught and jailed. He asks for our prayers.

Peace to all,


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