Sunday, August 12, 2007

Reading with the Damned!

Back in June, Casey S., one of my former students, now a priest at Christ Church Cathedral in Houston, recommended a book entitled, Reading the Bible with the Damned. Though I have not yet had a chance to read it, I thought I'd pass along his words of praise. If any readers have looked at it, please add a comment below.

Casey writes: [The author] chronicles his experience of reading the Bible with the inmates and undocumented migrant workers of central Washington state. It is an eye-opening book about an under-explored hermeneutical approach to reading Scripture. Particularly powerful and provocative were the parts where he reads Genesis 1 and 2 with inmates, and what revelations/insights they are able to hear, entirely unprompted. We had Bob Eckblad visit Christ Church Cathedral in Houston, where I work, and he was an amazing man. He lives an extraordinary life of patient, simple dedication to the marginalized of our society.


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