Thursday, August 02, 2007

Today's News from Renk

Peter sends this email today from Sudan:

Re: Fashion in Renk

We went to the souk just two days ago, to the garment district where – with the help of Mary (married to the young Fr Sapana), and MaDouf, our driver, who proves himself to have quite the fashion sense – we had wrinkled noses when we chose fabrics that were not approved, and a nod if we were more tasteful. I was, apparently, saved from myself by Mary who not only wrinkled her nose, but said no to a pattern that had large antelopes charging.

It can't be a secret that we also bought dresses for Ellen, Sherri, and Sara – with Ellen being our model (she stands 5'4", and is slighter of frame than Sara and Sheri, but was a great stand in).

We await these custom made garments. I might say that the garment district in Renk is somewhat different from NY, with goats and sheep and cows aimlessly walking the streets and donkey carts moving cargo from one spot to the other (maybe not so different from NY after all).

It is now more a "regular" rainy season, with lighter rains each night, but very deep mud that clings to everything everywhere.

Still, we have had the privilege of Bishop Daniel and Bishop Hilary both staying in the compound and joining us for meals and conversation. Bp. Daniel cut quite a figure with a bright shirt and short combination (men do not where shorts here – of course, his could serve in the NBA, except for the colors).

We continue to be well, we have students join us for meals, and conversation, to hear their stories. Our hosts couldn't be better to us.

Blessings to all. I hope giving a little color, shall we say, makes the trip just a bit more accessible. Though we pray morning, noon, and night, we aren't above a trip to the market.


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