Monday, August 06, 2007

Yesterday's Update from Sudan

On Sunday at 11 am (EST), Ellen's husband Dwayne logged the following update:

I have just talked to Peter and Ellen. They are together in Khartoum making a record of expenses, and preparing for an early morning take off from the airport. Ellen will be off to a service at the Cathedral when she is off the phone. All are still feeling wonderful. Their health has been great throughout. The trip from Renk to Khartoum was good - no flooding. Although Peter said it rained in Renk after they left, and he wasn't sure what the return trip would be like for those who are going back (and for Lauren who was to arrive about midnight tonight). Peter remarked at how quickly NGOs moved in to deal with the consequences of the rains -- building tent cities and clinics, dredging out mud, and changing water filters. Peter has learned much and is looking forward to a time when he can return to build on what he has learned this time. And of course, Peter and Ellen are looking forward to being back (later Monday night in Alexandria, mid-day in the Raleigh Durham area). And I am impressed with our informal network here in the US has worked and grateful that so many of us where able to be in touch with the Sudanese travelers and with each other. ---Dwayne Huebner


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