Monday, September 24, 2007

Seminary-Life Humor

Here's a short comic just released by a new VTS seminarian, Nik Forti, illustrating certain dimensions of the incoming class's experience of August orientation:

frame 1

frame 2

frame 3



Blogger Peter Carey said...

All that "disorienting orientation" WAS a bit much to deal with, along with moving, and wondering about seminary and all that stuff ... it is somehow both strange and very reassuring that some things don't change ...

However, at least here are no "keyboarding" tryouts on the piano to pass!

I remember the transition to "regular class" being a relief, even though the work picked up in a major way!

Mon Sep 24, 09:45:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger King of Peace said...

I remember being asked by VTS to design a coffee mug for students arriving at orientation. I created a very formal design, with the words "Disorienting students for 175 years" arched across the top.

They accepted the design, but changed the words to "Serving Christ and the church for 175 years" completely missing the point of the formal design with (at last) a true statement.

I do think seminary is to be a bit disorienting at the start, not because of hazing or anything like that. Rather do to arriving with answers about your call and sense of vocation, to be given questions with which to struggle. That's why I wanted the ad slogan "You've got answers? We've got questions." That was the meeting before I was taken off the PR committee. :-)

The Rev. Frank Logue, Vicar

Tue Sep 25, 06:06:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Peter Carey said...


GREAT stories of coffee cup redaction...I may, indeed use this story to illustrate redaction for my students...

I think they missed the boat by taking you off the committee, just think of all the disorientating (!) you might have helped them create!

Rev. Peter Carey, Chaplain
St. Catherine's School

Wed Sep 26, 09:53:00 PM GMT-5  

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