Wednesday, November 07, 2007

German Steeple Challenges Leaning Tower of Pisa

HT: Timothy Dang:

Quoted from Yahoo-News/Christian Charisius/Reuters:

A 15th century church with its tilting tower is pictured in the small northern German village of Suurhusen November 7, 2007. The Guinness Book of World Records has ruled that a church steeple in Germany, not Italy's famous leaning tower of Pisa, is the most tilted tower in the world. The 25.7-meter church tower tilts at an angle of 5.07 degrees, while the tower of Pisa tilts at just 3.97 degrees, said Olaf Kuchenbecker, head of Guinness's German edition. Although its tilt angle is greater than Pisa's, it is less than half the height of the Italian tower and has none of its ornate beauty.


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