Monday, December 17, 2007

Tomb of Omri Discovered?

Entrance to Tomb of Omri?

Norma Franklin made an interesting discovery going over the excavation reports on a Samaria dig in the basement of the Harvard Semitic Museum. She describes it in a recent article, "Lost Tombs of the Israelite Kings," BAR 33/4 (July/August 2007), pp. 26-35. She noticed some tombs below the Omri palace among the cisterns of the pre-palace stratum. Above is one of her photos she took upon a subsequent trip to the site, showing an entrance to a tunnel leading back 18 feet to the Tomb A chamber, 16' x 19', built at the same time as the palace. Is this King Omri's tomb? It has been looted, so there is no actual remains of Omri and his grave goods there. Check out the article if you have the chance.


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