Thursday, January 03, 2008

Our Students from Kenya Report Difficult Times Back Home

This just in last evening from VTS student, Robin G:

I spoke with two of our classmates over dinner tonight and want to draw your attention to what is a very scary situation in Kenya. As you are most likely aware, violence has spread through much of the country following a disputed election. Tomorrow (dawning in just a few hours in Kenya) there is a major rally being planned and there are fears that the violence will escalate dramatically. Many of Daniel's relatives live where the rally is planned. Mary's husband is unable to leave the house. Throughout Kenya, household food and supplies are running low and the people are unable to leave to get more as roads are blocked. Two members of Mary's husband's church have been killed in the violence and her parents are unable to sleep in their house at night. Mary and Daniel informed me that the violence is affecting areas where Peter Kanyi's family lives and also where Nicholas Sichangi and Samuel Sudhe, two members of last year's graduating class, live. This is a difficult time for all of our students from Kenya, especially as they are seperated from those they care about the most; please join me in lifting up Mary, Daniel, Peter, Sudhe and Sichangi and their families in prayer.


Blogger spankey said...

Dr. Cook -

Thank you for posting this. I was just thinking about my International colleagues the other day; prayers go out to them and all affected by the violence in Kenya.

Thu Jan 03, 09:11:00 AM GMT-5  

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