Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Prague Bible (1489) Online

Why not pay a visit to the magnificent Prague Bible (1489) on-line.
HT: Ancient Hebrew Poetry Blog

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Click here to visit the site. In order to explore around the volume, be sure to expand the table of contents to the left by clicking on "Torah." This Bible is an illuminated manuscript on parchment completed in Prague on 28 Av 5249 (July 26, 1489), measuring 24 x 18 cm. (9 1/2 x 7 in); 922 pages, bound in 3 volumes. Each page has 2 columns of Bible text, flanked by Rashi's commentary. There are 84 illuminated pages, with illuminated incipit panels, and 3 engraved and handcolored title pages inserted in the 18th century. The text is in square Ashkenazic script, vocalized and with cantillation marks. Rashi's commentary is in cursive Ashkenazic script. Colophon at the end of the third volume in form of poem of thanks.


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