Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dr. Avraham Biran, 23 October 1909 – 16 September 2008

I first met Dr. Biran in the summer of 1983 as part of a dig-group from Tel Hesi that visited Tel Dan. Here is a photo that I took of him at that time (click to englarge; I've added a black arrow to point Biran out). He's pointing to a map of Dan, telling us about Dan's city wall and outer gate, around which we are all standing. The pottery dated what we were seeing to the 10th - 9th centuries BCE. Within the gate structure, you could see the benches where the city elders met.

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It was long after this visit that Biran's dig found the now famous Tel Dan inscription at this site, demonstrating the historicity of the Davidic dynasty in Judah. You could read about Biran's life and some of his memories of all the digging at Dan by clicking here. Also, check out John Hobbins' comments on his blog: click here.


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