Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Theological Bible Commentary

I recently corrected final page proofs for my part of Westminster John Knox's new one-volume Theological Bible Commentary, edited by Gail R. O'Day and David L. Petersen (click here for details). This book has been in the works for quite some time, and I'm ecstatic to hear that it should be extant and available within three months time.

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Here is the book's description from the publisher: This is the first one-volume commentary to emphasize theological questions: What does each biblical book say about God? How does the book describe God and portray Gods actions? Who is God in these biblical books?

Contributors include: O. Wesley Allen Jr., Samuel E. Balentine, Craig Bartholomew, Nancy R. Bowen, Brad R. Braxton, Michael Joseph Brown, William P. Brown, Allan Dwight Callahan, L. Juliana Claassens, Stephen L. Cook, Katharine Dell, Joanna Dewey, Frank H. Gorman Jr., Patrick Gray, Theodore Hiebert, E. Elizabeth Johnson, Luke Timothy Johnson, Melody D. Knowles, Stephen J. Kraftchick, Deborah Krause, Tod Linafelt, Elizabeth Struthers Malbon, Carleen Mandolfo, Gregory Mobley, Carol A. Newsom, Julia M. OBrien, Gail R. ODay, Dennis T. Olson, David L. Petersen, Sandra Hack Polaski, David Rensberger, Stanley P. Saunders, Carolyn J. Sharp, Matthew L. Skinner, Daniel L. Smith-Christopher, Ken Stone, Brent A. Strawn, Patricia K. Tull, James Buchanan Wallace, Sze-kar Wan, and Harold C. Washington.


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