Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bible, Authority, and Homosexuality

At the beginning of June, I flew up to Connecticut to Trinity College for my 25th college reunion. Here is our class of 1984 reunion photo (I'm in the first row on the far right):

At the event, I participated in a very well attended panel on "The Bible, Authority, and Homosexuality." The other two panelists were Dr. Frank Kirkpatrick (class of '64), one of my college Religion professors, and Meryl Mazepa (class of 2004). It was quite fascinating to have three perspectives each 20 years apart. Frank has a new book out on the subject of the panel, which is pretty good---traces the crisis in the Anglican Communion (AC) and the Episcopal Church (TEC), gets into all the deep background, the hermeneutics, etc., etc. It's called: The Episcopal Church in Crisis.


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I had a long email correspondence with a fundie on this topic. It didn't go well. Mostly my fault, I'm sure, as I still have a short fuse, though I'm getting better in middle age about controlling it.

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