Monday, August 31, 2009

Marge McNaughton

The early-retirement dinner for my colleague and friend, Dean Marge McNaughton was held back in the Spring, on May 26th. I was privileged to be one of the speakers. With the new academic year now ramping up, many of us are sure missing Marge's presence and feeling the pain of things undone that she used to take care of. A big item on our faculty agenda this week is discussion of advising/pastoral-care in Marge's absence. (We have two afternoon-long faculty meetings this week, tomorrow and Thursday.)

Here are two images from the slide-show that I put together for Marge's retirement dinner (with thanks to Alix Dorr, Susan Shillinglaw, and the VTS Library staff). Click either image to greatly enlarge:

The first picture shows Marge as a VTS seminarian, sharing a meal and discussion with then Hebrew Bible Professor, the unforgettable Dr. Jim Ross (click here).

The second shot shows Marge's three pets. The cat (left, with halo) is Baxter, the VTS mascot, now sadly passed on. Before Jane Morse's death, Baxter was her cat. Thus, he always showed a special interest in the Hebrew Bible.


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