Saturday, August 29, 2009

Online Textbook of Biblical Hebrew

A week or so ago, John A. Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt posted the revised 2009 version of their Biblical Hebrew Textbook online. This teaching grammar is free and available for classroom use for no charge: click here. A quick perusal suggests it takes an attractive approach, not burdened with excessive detail that beginning students can't use, and logically organized in a way similar to the Weingreen grammar, which the authors view as in many ways unsurpassed for classroom instruction. If anyone has experience with this textbook, please leave a comment...


Anonymous Daniel O. McClellan said...

I think it makes a wonderful supplement to the classroom, although the discussion of the modal use of verbs may be a little nuanced for beginning students. I would also like to see a textbook that included composition exercises throughout, like Weingreen. The composition exercises that are there are also open-ended, requiring a little more attention from the instructor. A more solid linguistic base, however, is a wonderful improvement on past textbooks.

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