Thursday, December 17, 2009

VTS Faculty in the New Church Publishing Catalog

Our seminary dean's post today caught my eye. It is about a good number of our seminary faculty with books in the current Church Publishing catalog:

The arrival of the Church Publishing Incorporated book catalogue made interesting reading. It is a witness to the impact that Virginia Theological Seminary has had and is having on the Episcopal Church. As one turned the pages, it was amazing to see the number of books written by VTS faculty. So Barney Hawkins and I are two of the four editors of the 'Christ and Culture: Communion After Lambeth', the first in a new book series called the Canterbury Studies in Anglicanism. Then we have the volume edited by Richard J. Jones and Barney Hawkins called 'Staying One, Remaining Open' (you will hear more about this book in a later commentary). Nestled on the same page is Tim Sedgwick's delightful volume 'The Christian Moral Life: Practices of Piety'. Turning to pages 10 and 11, we find David Gortner's excellent book on 'Transforming Evangelism' and opposite the annoucement that in April of next year, Ruthanna Hooke's book called 'Transforming Preaching' will be out. On page 17, Stephen Cook's excellent book 'Conversations with Scripture: 2 Isaiah' is advertised. Finally on page 24, we find Bill Roberts' 'Music and Vital Congregations' and Tim Sedgwick's 'The Business of All Believers' advertised.This catalogue is an impressive testimony to our hardworking Faculty and the contribution that they are making to the academy and Church through writing. Now if we started to count books written by alums of the Seminary, the number grows (Sharon Pearson, Sam Portaro and C. K. Robertson have books advertised). So it is not simply the Faculty who are productive as writers, but also the Faculty, as teachers, who have made a difference on those alums who are now serving the Church through writing.


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