Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update 3 from Renk, Sudan

I've just heard again from Sudan. Patrick and David, our Visiting Teachers, report that they have settled into teaching at the theological college and have discovered extraordinarily bright students who are eager to learn. As of Friday, they have introduced the entire paradigm for first and second declension nouns in Greek, and the vast majority of the students seem to understand it very well. They are planning to introduce adjectives this coming week, given their grammatical similarity to nouns, and if all goes well, they may give people a taste of verbs by the end of the week, to whet people's appetite for the teachers who are arriving in July! They are also observing how important the study of English will be in South Sudan in the coming years. Bishop Joseph and several teachers from the college have stressed the need for people to come specifically to teach English, as well as the biblical languages. Food for thought as we continue to advertise and expand the Visiting Teachers Program.

This weekend has been relatively quiet. Kou, one of the intrepid drivers, took them to the market, where they enjoyed coffees and Coca Colas, both of which were incredibly delicious after an entire week of drinking just water!


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