Monday, January 18, 2010

Update on Our Duke/VTS Visiting Teachers Program, Renk, Sudan

Our VTS Seminarians, David and Patrick, are safely in Renk, Sudan, and were to begin teaching today in the area of biblical languages. Bishop Joseph, in charge of the theological school in Renk, will return to Renk on Tuesday after bidding farewell in Khartoum to the preceding visiting teams, the Eastmans from Duke and the Chicago media team. It is wonderful that the theological students in Renk will have two teams of teachers, one after the other, this winter.

Providentially, our visiting-teachers were on the same flight(s) with Archbishop Daniel of Sudan (from London to KHT). David and Patrick arrived in Renk in time for the farewell celebration for the Chicago folks and were amazed by the involvement of all the tribes, etc.


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