Thursday, January 21, 2010

Video: Where is God in the Haitian Earthquake?

VTS Alum, and my former student, Frank Logue, recently made this YouTube video in response to this question. Check it out:

For a recent USA Today add on the Episcopal Church, click here (PDF download).



Blogger Ray Foucher said...

The true God is a God of love who wouldn't hurt anyone. He is also a God who respects human free will (He did not make robots who can’t love Him back) and when people or a nation reject Him openly or through their lifestyle choices He, being a gentleman, turns away; He does not impose His presence where it is not desired. Then the destroyer, Satan, moves in and causes death and destruction and blames it on God. See more info Makes a lot more sense than what most religious people will tell you. God does not punish, He weeps when His children in Haiti or anywhere else suffer tragedy.

Thu Jan 21, 11:58:00 PM GMT-5  

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