Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Vision of Deuteronomy," continued (2)

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Another interesting dimension of Pierre-Henry's image, introduced in yesterday's post, is what he calls the tormented sky to the left of Mount Horeb. He explains that it symbolizes both the difficult life in Egypt and, at the same time, the liberation by God along with God's guidance through the pillar of cloud. The pillar, which is visible in the center of the dark sky, is mentioned in Deuteronomy 31:15, as well as in E texts that are antecedent to D (see Exodus 33:9-10 and Numbers 12:5).

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Underneath the tormented sky lie the three pyramids, which Pierre-Henry explains indicate that "Egypt remains a possibility." "Egypt could be the temptation of facility, temptation of security." On the temptation to return to Egypt, see Deuteronomy 17:16. For an E text antecedent to this theme, see Exodus 13:17. For one of my blog posts related to this topic, click here.


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