Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gerald Sheppard Festschrift



I heard from Randall Heskett this weekend that he has in hand the first extant copy of the Gerald Sheppard Festschrift, and that it will be available at the SBL meetings in Atlanta next month. This is great news; to see the volume on the T&T Clark Site, click here. I contributed an essay, and am greatly looking forward to seeing the other contributions:

Section I: Hearing the Word of God Through Historically Dissimilar Traditions
Walter Brueggemann - Priests for the Kingdom—Two Priesthoods for Two Regimes
Erich Zenger - “If You Listen to My Voice …” (Exod. 19:5): The Mystery of Revelation
Randall Heskett - Deuteronomy 29–34 and the Formation of the Torah
John E. Harvey - Jehoiachin and Joseph: Hope at the Close of the DtrH
Robert R. Wilson - Scribal Culture and the Composition of the Book of Isaiah
Paul D. Wegner - Seams in the Book of Isaiah: Looking for Answers
Stephen L. Cook - An Interpretation of the Death of Isaiah’s Servant
James D. Nogalski - Micah 7:8–20: Re-evaluating the Identity of the Enemy
Norman K. Gottwald - Social Drama in the Psalms of Individual Lament
W. Derek Suderman - Are Individual Complaint Psalms Really Prayers?: Recognizing Social Address as Characteristic of Individual Complaints
David John C. Zub - God as the Object of Anger in the Psalms
Peter Enns - The Contribution of Ecclesiastes to Biblical Theology
Pedro Zamora - The Daniel and Qohelet Epilogues: A Similar Editorial Activity? (Qohelet 12:8-14 and Daniel 12:1-13)
Frank D. Macchia - Justification by Faith: A Case of Hearing the One Gospel Through Historically Dissimilar Traditions
Michael T. Dempsey - Divine Action and Biblical Interpretation: How the Ordinary Words of Men and Women become the Living Word of God in Scripture
Section II: Additional Studies
Marion Ann Taylor - “Cold Dead Hands upon Our Threshold”: Josephine Butler’s Reading of the Story of the Levite’s Concubine, Judges 19–21
Marvin A. Sweeney - The Portrayal of Assyria in the Books of Kings
Jennifer Pfenniger - Speaking or Smouldering Lips in Song of Songs 7:10 (Eng. 9)?
David G. Meade - Ancient Near Eastern Apocalypticism and the Origins of the New Testament Canon of Scripture
Robert C. Fennell - In the Bosom of the Beloved Disciple: The Fourth Gospel’s Narrative Openness to Readers


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I was wondering whether Norman Gottwald's article on Social Drama in the Psalms of Lament are based on Victor Turner's theory of Social drama where he talks of the cyclical nature of crisis and the attempts a society goes through to bring back stability.

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