Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Group Photo of Participants


Nathan MacDonald, the convener and organizer of the “Divine Presence and Divine Absence” colloquium just emailed our group photo, taken outside the Paulinerkirche Library and meeting rooms. In the first row, with some seated, we have Izaak de Hulster (Göttingen University), myself, Stephen Cook (Virginia Theological Seminary), Joel Burnett (Baylor University), Angelika Berlejung (Leipzig University), Lisbeth Fried (University of Michigan), and Jill Middlemas (Zurich University). In the second row, we have Bob Becking (Utrecht University), Robert Barrett (Göttingen University), Trevor Hart (St. Andrew’s University), Claus Ambos (Heidelberg University), Nathan MacDonald (Göttingen University / St. Andrew’s University), Ben Sommer (Jewish Theological Seminary), Kenneth Brown (Göttingen University), Lydia Lee (Göttingen University), and Roberto Piani (Göttingen University). It was a terrific group, and the talks and discussion were excellent. The papers are to be published in a forthcoming volume from Mohr Siebeck, most likely in the series Forschungen zum Alten Testament II.


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