Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free Virtual Hebrew FlashCards

As August Beginning-Hebrew continues, some of the students are finding helpful the Biblical Hebrew flashcards available free on Flashcard Exchange.com. The site already contains good flashcards of the Weingreen Hebrew Vocabulary lists that we are presently learning in class. To save the card sets under "My Stuff" --> "Saved Flashcards," you do have to register and get a password (I use the free version of the site). To get the flashcard sets into "My Stuff" you first have to search for them using the name Weingreen. We have found that these cards work great on a smartphone as well as on a laptop or tablet. The system is web-based, and the cards work right in the browser. No special app need be downloaded, although an app like mental-case more be good for use in "airplane mode."


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