Friday, August 12, 2011

Panorama of New Interim Chapel

Here is a 3D Panorama that I just shot of the just-completed Interim Chapel at VTS, built in the Addison Academic Building, in the area of the old Lettie Pate Evans Auditorium. Most here feel that it is a worthy space to use while we await the construction of a new chapel in the wake of the fiery destruction of the old VTS chapel last academic year. I just talked with our professor of music, Bill Roberts, who is delighted with the acoustics of the new space. You will notice that the chapel space is still somewhat incomplete. There is a frame for a small organ, but no pipes yet installed. The chairs are not yet the kind with kneelers. The space, however, appears fully usable and I'll be in their again in the mornings next week before my August Hebrew class begins at 9am just upstairs in Addison 101.


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