Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Common English Bible (CEB)


I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve contributed study notes to Daniel for the forthcoming Study Bible edition of the CEB. The CEB is making quite a splash in the world of Bible Translation. It aims to be incredibly accessible, with an ease of reading on a par with the USA Today newspaper. I have just received an email from CEB with news that the Book of Psalms in the CEB translation is available free for the Kindle reader. To download your free Psalms for reading on your iPad, Kindle Fire, etc., click here.

Of course, the entire CEB is available free already in several ways, including through BibleWorks 9 for PC and through the Bible Gateway iPhone app and Website, and through the highly recommended, free YouVersion  app for iPhone and iPad. I’ve marked these apps with arrows in the screen shot below. The upper arrow marks my BibleReader app from Olive Tree, which has the CEB available for purchase, not for free. (Incidentally, the latter app has both the NABre and the NJPS-Tanakh versions available for purchase, both of which are hard to get on an Apple device otherwise).