Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unicode Values for Manually Entering Hebrew

Below is a quick chart I've created listing the Unicode values for transliterated Hebrew, for use in those cases where it is easiest just to enter the characters by their codes. In MS-Word, you simply type the code and then hit alt-x. Do note that you may have to select a proper font to display some of the characters (times new roman usually works well enough; the Brill font is very nice).

ʾ 02be
ʿ 02bf
â 00e2
ā 0101
ă 0103
ê 00ea
ē 0113
ĕ 0115
ḥ 1e25
î 00ee
ī 012b
ĭ 012d
ô 00f4
ō 014d
ŏ 014f
ś 015b
š 0161
ṣ 1e63
ṭ 1e6d
ū 016b
û 00fb
ŭ 016d

For entering Hebrew in its normal characters, click here for a very handy chart.


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