Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ruth by Judy Fentress-Williams



I’ve received my copy of Ruth by my good colleague here at VTS, Dr. Judy Fentress-Williams. I hope to use it with my Hebrew Reading class starting in a week or two!

Here are Dean Markham’s comments from his blog:

It is a delight to announce and celebrate the publication of Ruth by our very own Judy Fentress Williams.  The book appears in the Abingdon Old Testament Commentaries series.  This series edited by Patrick Miller of Princeton Theological Seminary combines accessibility with scholarly innovation.  And Judy's commentary fits right into this series.

Ruth is a fabulous book in the Bible.  This book has so much - death, identity, survival, being an outsider, and finally becoming a pivotal part of the family that produces King David.  The book is a delicious read: Judy lures the reader into the complexities of the narrative.  Ever-so gently, the reader learns about cultural identities, the dialogical nature of the text, and the deep, almost sexual significance, of the night on the threshing floor.

This is a truly great book.  As everyone inside the VTS community knows, Judy is a great teacher.  In this book, the teacher inside Judy is extended.  Through this book, countless other Christians will discover the rich layers to this extraordinary and beautiful book of Ruth.

Do please congratulate Judy and do buy a copy and read this book.


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