Saturday, December 01, 2012

Online Formation Resources for Advent 2012



I collected the resources of this post in preparation for a Forum Presentation on “Advent in Cyberspace” for St. Paul’s Church, Alexandria, on the First Sunday of Advent, 2012.

Video #1, The Paradox of Christmas, from Ignitermedia:

Video #2, You Don’t Know Jack About Advent, from Busted Halo:

The rose candle among the purple candles of the Advent Wreath is the Gaudete candle, from the Latin term “Rejoice.” It is for the third Sunday of Advent (this year, 12/16/12), which includes a reading from Philp 4:4-7, with the theme “rejoice.”

Video #3, Advent in Two Minutes, by Busted Halo:


For the online Advent Calendar mentioned in the above video, click here.  For a Church of England Advent Calendar, click here. For a Liverpool Museums Advent Calendar, click here.

There are some nifty 2012 iOS Advent Calendars available:


You can check out the two apps pictured above in the iTunes store, by clicking here and here.

Video #4, “Advent,” by Spirit Juice Studies:

Video #5, Worship Fully, by Advent Conspiracy:

Video #6, The Advent Conspiracy, by Advent Conspiracy:

Advent Conspiracy has a remarkable Advent Calendar this year, which you can interact with using your phone as a QR-Code scanner:


To access the calendar as a PDF, click here. (Calendar detail shown above.)

Video #7, A Child is Born, by Igniter Media:


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