Saturday, February 23, 2013

Reflections on Ruth, Part IV

The seventh piece in Chrissie Crosby’s series represents an interpretation of Ruth 3:16, where Ruth returns to her mother-in-law after encountering Boaz on the threshing floor. The starscape is Hubble’s view of the Crab Nebula. Chrissie suggests that “we lean forward with Naomi into the future to await the greater fulfillment.” I thus see Naomi (on the left) reaching out to receive both the person of Ruth and God’s future of blessing that has attached itself to the Ruth-event (symbolized by the Crab Nebula).


The eighth artwork (below) illustrates Ruth 4:13, where the Lord grants Ruth the miracle of a birth. Chrissie explains, “God’s mighty power surrounds just the two of them [Ruth and Obed], illustrating God’s action as mother love.”


The ninth (and final) artwork is an interpretation of Ruth 4:15, where the women of Bethlehem bless Naomi and describe Ruth as better to her than seven sons. The body-like figures of the Eagle Nebula M16 surrounding the two women, Naomi and Ruth, represent the women of Bethlehem and/or the seven sons that Ruth represents to her mother-in-law. Thus, I understand that God’s blessing flows into Naomi’s life here, reversing her earlier extreme bitterness in ch. 1, flowing through the village women and also through Ruth, who encompasses the ideal (“7”).



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Thank you for YOUR reflections! So much to consider. You've really added to my simple start.

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