Thursday, January 03, 2019

Obadiah 1:8

Daily Hebrew: 

Edom was famed for its “wise men.” See Jer 49:7; also the nation’s association with Job from Uz, which is considered by some to be in Edom, and with Job’s friend Eliphaz the Temanite. Further, living on the fringe of the northern Arabian desert and benefitting from the caravan trade and accessible copper deposits, it may be that Edom was known for its business acumen or diplomatic shrewdness. 

A wise owl considers its own demise in a 16th century woodcut:

  • Title: Allegory with an Owl
  • Date: 16th century
  • Technique: Woodcut
  • Credit Line: Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Gift of Paul J. Sachs
  • Artist: Johann (Hans) Wechtlin 


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